Dura Grip E2: A durable and versatile anti-slip paint for all your surfaces

Looking around your property, you will find many slippery areas. From the wooden stairs to the tiles around your swimming pool, these all pose a slip-and-fall risk to anyone using the areas. As a home or business owner, you ideally want a durable and versatile anti-slip product you can use on all these surfaces. A popular choice that ticks all these boxes is Dura Grip E2.

Your guide to Dura Grip anti-slip epoxy floor paint

Dura Grip E2 is a multi-part epoxy application designed to create a remarkably durable non-slip coating on various surface types. It is easy to apply and once dried, has a semi-gloss finish.

Dura Grip E2 anti-slip epoxy floor paint is completely chemical resistant, making it perfect for surfaces around swimming pools or in factories and warehouses where chemical substances may be present.

The product is available in a variety of colours including white, clear, black, dark brown, medium grey, light grey, safety blue, yellow and red, as well as sand.

Where can Dura Grip be used?

Dura Grip can be used on both indoor and outdoor concrete, wood, metal, fibreglass, tile, and stone surfaces. It's a great non-slip paint for paving slabs on driveways, patios and paths.

Is it barefoot-friendly?

Yes, the texture it produces offers non-skid protection for bare feet and delicate pet paws, making it perfect for patios and decks.

What are some of its other applications?

Dura Grip E2 anti-slip epoxy floor paint can also be used to seal leaks in floors or grout.

Are there any added benefits?

The product provides a UV-resistant coating and is also resistant against water and stains. Additionally, it is made to prevent corrosion on metal and some other surfaces.

Why choose Dura Grip E2?

This non-slip epoxy paint not only works to reduce the slipperiness of surfaces but is also designed to stand the test of time even under some of the harshest weather and working conditions.

Find the right coating

There is a variety of non-slip coatings and anti-slip tile paint products available, each with its own applications. If you're considering treating your home or business' floors, it is always advisable to research which solution will best suit your surfaces.

Need help in choosing the right non-slip product for your floors? Feel free to contact the SlipDoctors' team today.
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