Slippery bathtubs and shower tiles or trays can be life changing if not fixed urgently. There are multiple options to fix these slippery surfaces including mats, decals, and stickers but today’s article will focus on choosing the correct anti-slip coating or treatment to fix a slippery bath, shower, or bathroom floor.

Before you can select a product, you need to understand what type of surface your bathtub or shower floor is made of. Obviously if your shower floor is tiled that is an easy one as generally that is ceramic or porcelain tile that has been used. By a rule of thumb if your bath or shower tray feels like a “plastic” then it is made of acrylic or fibreglass. If your bath feels rather solid it could be an enamel over metal.

The easiest way to distinguish if your bath is an enamel is to get a magnet and place it on the surface. If the magnet sticks to the surface there is a high chance the material is enamel.

Acrylic or Fibreglass Bathtubs & Showers

To fix a slippery bath or shower tray that is made of acrylic or fibreglass you have two options. The first option is the SlipDoctors clear non-slip spray. An easy to apply non-slip aerosol solution that gives the surface a light texture and maintains the look of the bathtub or shower base. This non-slip solution can be great for those that may have hard to reach or awkwardly shaped areas that need fixing. Click here to read more about SlipDoctors anti-slip spray for bathtubs and shower trays.

The other solution for slippery or acrylic or fibreglass is SlipDoctors Tub Grip. This is a roll-on anti-slip solution that increases the slip resistance on slippery bathtubs or shower trays but remains transparent to retains the look. Click here to read more about SlipDoctors Tub Grip roll-on non-slip solution.

Both products will be ready to use in 24 hours after application.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles & Enamel

To fix slippery ceramic or porcelain tile showers or enamel bathtubs we suggest using SlipDoctors Bath & Shower Treatment. This is a non-slip application that essentially treats the slippery surface to increase the pores thus increasing the slip resistance especially when wet. The anti-slip bath or shower treatment is extremely effective and can have your tiled shower or enamel bath ready to use in minutes after application. Click here to read more about SlipDoctors Bathtub & Shower Treatment.

To those of you that may have larger tiled areas like an entire wet room or shower area that you want to fix and increase the slip resistance on we suggest either Stone Grip or Polish Grip. Stone Grip is a non-slip treatment that will increase the slip resistance on tiles but generally finishes in a transparent matte look.

Those of you that have polished tiles or high gloss tiles in the wet room or bathroom need to consider Polish Grip anti-slip coating which is specifically formulated to increase the slip resistance but maintain the shine of floors.

Not sure which product to choose to fix your bathtub, shower, or bathroom floor? Let one of our SlipDoctors consultants help you today.
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