Swimming pools are a great addition to any home or commercial property, great to relax and enjoy during those summer periods. Even during the winter months, we can use indoor swimming pools for exercise or activities for our kids.

Although a wonderful addition, swimming pools bring a dangerous aspect to our lives that a lot of people don’t consider. We often forget that with all the fun being had the water splashing on to the surface around the pool creates a dangerous potential for slip and fall accidents.

To make sure we can enjoy ourselves and have peace of mind at the same time we need to increase the slip resistance on the surface to a point where we know that nobody will slip, not even our beloved dogs or other pets.

The anti-slip solution needed for this type of environment varies and really depends on what type of surface is around the swimming pool. Below we will give you a few ideas of products that can be used in this type of situation.

Anti-Slip Coating

Ideal Surfaces : Tiles, Concrete, Brick and Natural Stone

A simple but very effective solution would be to apply an anti-slip coating like SlipDoctors Deck Grip. This is an easy to roll-on coating which is ready to use in 24 hours and has chemical and UV resistance, increasing the coatings' durability. Once applied and cured, Deck Grip has a textured semi-gloss finish that greatly increases the slip resistance of the surface around the swimming pool to keep you, your loved ones or customers safe from slip and fall accidents.

Anti-Slip Paint

Ideal Surfaces : Wood, Tiles, Concrete, Brick and Natural Stone

A much more extreme solution to slippery surfaces around a pool is using our epoxy non-slip paint Dura Grip E2. This product is especially useful for those that want to freshen the look of the surface whilst at the same time drastically increasing the slip resistance. Being an epoxy SlipDoctors Dura Grip E2 has excellent bonding ability and amazing durability no matter what the conditions. Stain, chemical and UV resistant this paint is perfect to keep pool areas safe be it indoors or outdoors.

If you are unsure about which product to use around your swimming pool feel free to contact one of our specialists.
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