Because of their aesthetic appeal and warmth, wooden stairs are a popular floor type in many homes and businesses. Other benefits of wood finishes include that they are easy to clean and quite durable. However, one of the downsides of having wooden stairs installed is that their smooth polished surface can be a slip-and-fall hazard to both people and pets using it.

Wood is particularly slippery when wet conditions or mould are present or when corrosion has taken place over time. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to make sure the surfaces in and around your home or business is kept clean and maintained. But with wooden stairs, these steps may not be enough. You will need an additional solution to make sure a high level of traction is achieved to make the stairs completely safe for use. The good news is that the solutions for making stairs slip-proof can be inexpensive and generally easy to install.

Non-slip for stairs solutions to increase slip resistance

There are several methods to make wood stairs safer. However, before deciding on a specific solution, it is important to understand the unique situation in your home or business. Some questions to keep in mind include:

• Are wet conditions present?

• Are the stairs indoors or outdoors?

• Are the stairs installed in a high-traffic area?

Answering these questions will help you to identify the right solution for you. Some of the Non-slip for stairs solutions that you can consider include:

Adding carpets or runners

One of the simplest and most common ways to reduce the slipperiness of stairs is by installing a carpet or runner. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also convenient with no labour needed. Carpets and runners also protect the wood from damage and can reduce noise.

However, this solution is not always the safest one. Carpets and runners can quickly curl up at the ends, which can lead to dangerous trips and falls. They can also move around on sleek surfaces, making the situation even more hazardous. Another downside of placing carpets and runners on your stairs is that they will also change the stairs' appearance, covering the beautiful wooden finishes.

Installing a railing

Installing a railing above your stairs can help people to keep their balance when walking up or down. However, when people are carrying things or are in a hurry, they typically don't use the railing or forget to hold onto it. These situations can also lead to accidental falls.

Investing in non-slip stair treads for wood

If you own a business where wood stairs are present on the property, an effective solution is non-skid stair treads. These threads come in a variety of options and can simply and easily be stuck to the stairs without much effort. They are suitable for light and heavy traffic areas and won't easily wear and tear.

Non-slip stair treads for wood are also designed with a high-grade adhesive backing that can withstand conditions both indoors and outdoors.

Using an anti-slip for wood stairs product

If you want to keep the appearance of your stairs, but want to raise the level of traction dramatically, you can apply an anti-slip for wood stairs coating.

At SlipDoctors, we always recommend Floor Grip. This roll-on anti-slip coating is a great solution for human feet and dog paws. It is designed for creating a durable anti-slip layer on both indoor and outdoor wood surfaces. Once applied, Floor Grip produces a high-traction surface that is both scratch and chemical resistant.

Have a question or require advice?

If you're still unsure about the right solution for your slippery stairs, contact the experts at SlipDoctors. We will discuss your needs and find the perfect product for you.
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