Slippery outdoor paving and patios are an accident waiting to happen. Ideally, outdoor areas should have a slip-resistant texture and be in an area with good drainage; areas with poor drainage are often more likely to be slippery. Paving and patios are also vulnerable to slippery conditions.

It is important to deal with these dangerous slippery situations by investing in a non-slip outdoor flooring solution before someone gets hurt.

The best solutions to achieve non-slip paving slabs and patios

First, you have to clean your paving or patio every time you notice anything on the surface that could potentially increase slipperiness, such as moss growth, leaves or debris.

Keeping your outdoor areas clean is the first step in ensuring enhanced safety. Thereafter, it's important to treat the areas with a durable non-slip patio paint or paving solution.

At SlipDoctors we recommend the following products to achieve non-slip paving slabs and patios.

When no change in appearance is desired:
Stone Grip is a treatment that can be used on outdoor ceramic and porcelain tiles, concrete and other stone surfaces. It has a clear finish that will make little to no appearance change to surfaces while eliminating slipperiness on floors, even when wet.

For areas where wet conditions are often present:
Dura Grip is an epoxy paint application designed to create a long-lasting non-slip, barefoot-friendly coating on a variety of surface types. It is a completely water- and chemical-resistant solution, making it a great product to achieve non-slip patio tiles and concrete around swimming pools.

For areas exposed to intense weather:
A durable solution for outdoor areas constantly exposed to the sun's harsh rays or frequent wet conditions is Deck Grip. This is anti-slip coating ideal for concrete, tiles and other natural stone surfaces. It can easily withstand exposure to UV rays and chemicals, making it a good product for areas around pools.

To achieve a semi-gloss finish:
GripX is a durable anti-slip coating formulated to achieve non-slip patio slabs, tiles, concrete and most other natural stone. It can also be used to seal surfaces to prevent scuff marks, scratches and water damage. It is an easy-to-apply product that once cured, results in a semi-gloss textured finish.

Improve the slip resistance of your outdoor paving or patio today

As a home or business owner, it's important to ensure that all your outdoor areas are treated to gain optimal slip resistance for anyone using the areas. If you're ready to achieve non-slip outdoor floor tiles, concrete or stone surfaces, contact SlipDoctors. We will help you find the best product for your outdoor paving or patio needs.
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