Non-Slip Concrete Paint Coatings & Treatments

Be it a commercial factory floor, warehouse, concrete patio or even concrete around a swimming pool we have a product to eliminate the hazardous slippery floor. SlipDoctors takes great pride in our anti-slip concrete paint and treatments developed to prevent slip and fall accidents in residential and commercial areas.

We have multiple products that either treat or coat concrete to increase the required traction levels needed to make it safe. Your non-slip product for concrete needs to be selected depending on the area you want to treat and the type of traffic that surface receives.

You may have a concrete factory ramp that requires a heavy piece of machinery to be able to move up and down risk free (Ideal Product: Dura Grip). You may have a slippery concrete patio or balcony at home (Ideal Product: Stone Grip) or kids playing by the swimming pool that you want to protect (Ideal Product: Deck Grip).

Select a product below that matches your surface type. Should you be unsure about which product to use with your concrete surface feel free to contact us. 

Alpha Grip Anti-Slip Paint for Wood, Concrete and Unsealed Stone

Alpha Grip non-slip paint has been proven to drastically increase the slip resistance of wood, tiles, concrete, and other natural stone. Alpha Grip has a variety of colours including clear to choose from and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Dura Grip E2 Non-Slip 2K Epoxy Paint for Wood, Tiles, Vinyl, Metal and Fibreglass

Dura Grip E2 is a multi-part 2K epoxy non-slip floor paint which is extremely durable indoors or outdoors. Perfect for tiles, metal, vinyl, laminate, lino, fibreglass, concrete, and most other natural stone. Dura Grip E2 is completely chemical resistant and stain resistant. 

GripX Anti-Slip Coating & Sealer for Tiles, Concrete & Stone

SlipDoctors GripX is a durable anti-slip coating specifically formulated to increase the slip resistance on tiles, natural, stamped, and stained concrete, sealed surfaces, and most other natural stone. GripX is an easy-to-apply roll on coating that once cured has a semi-gloss textured finish.

Deck Grip Outdoor & Indoor Anti-Slip Coating

SlipDoctors Deck Grip outdoor non-slip coating is a non-yellowing, water-based acrylic sealer for concrete and other surfaces. This versatile non-slip coating is easy to apply and results in a clear, semi-gloss and barefoot-friendly finish. The key features of Deck Grip are that it is UV, Chlorine and Chemical resistant.  

Stone Grip Anti-Slip Tile, Concrete & Stone Treatment

Stone Grip non slip for concrete is a fast-acting treatment that will be ready to use after 15 minutes. The anti slip solution will not make any appearance changes to the concrete once treated. Perfect for interior and exterior use and approved for use in food preparation areas 

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