Pro-Coat Bonding Agent

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SlipDoctors Pro-Coat Bond Adhesion Promoter enhances and improves adhesion of coatings that have an increased risk of peeling or chipping. Bond Adhesion Promoter can be mixed into a variety of coatings without altering the appearance or function of the coating. When mixed into the first coating batch, Bond Adhesion Promoter is recommended for increasing functional life, corrosion resistance, appearance, and sealer qualities of SlipDoctors’ products. 

Bond Adhesion Promoter can be used when overcoating previously sealed or coated surfaces, floors that cannot be sanded or etched and floors that have a questionable level of coating failure risk. Bond Adhesion Promoter reduces the chance or degree of cracking and flaking. This product also helps when top coating water base products over oil-based bottom coats. 

Special Features

Does not alter colour/sheen of coating -> Oil and Water compatible -> Does not alter traction of grit-based coatings -> Increase's life and function of coatings -> Reduces bonding and adhesion problems

Suggested Uses

Laminate, Vinyl, Metal surfaces, Marble and Granite surfaces, High sheen porcelain, Terrazzo, Composite Decking, Concrete, Surfaces that are hard, smooth, polished and/or glossy


Clear (resembles colour and shine of base coat mix) liquid additive

Mode of Application

Pre-mix into base coat prior to application (One bottle of Bonding Agent per 3.8 Litres of coating) 

Download technical data sheet here

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