Prevent Accident in the Bathroom with Anti-Slip Coating for Shower Tray

Prevent Accident in the Bathroom with Anti-Slip Coating for Shower Tray

Shower trays can get very slippery due to shampoo and body wash residues left behind. Ensuring that your shower is equipped with an anti-slip feature is crucial in order to minimize the risk of slip-related accidents. 

You could be renting a place, buying a new home, renovating the bathrooms. In each of these situations, you'll have plenty to consider, and it's easy to overlook practical details like the potential slipperiness of a shower tray.

SlipDoctors offers an affordable and easy solution to make your shower anti-slip, even if your bathroom is already installed or if you've bought a tray without considering slip-resistance. Ask yourself what are shower trays made from, visit our website and find the non-slip solution ideal for your needs. SlipDoctors flooring solutions are easy to apply to various surfaces, including fiberglass and acrylic baths and showers.

Are you looking for non-Slip tile floor treatment for ceramic tiles, porcelain, concrete and other stone surfaces? Stone grip is a highly effective treatment for tiles that significantly enhances slip resistance.

Polish Grip is designed to make shiny, glossy, and polished tiles less slippery. It acts as a coating and also helps protect the surface from spills and stains. If you want to make your bathroom safer or improve the slip-resistance of your tiles or fibreglass surfaces, our anti-slip spray is the best option. Moreover, since it is clear, it will not affect the look of your surfaces in any manner!

Looking to revitalize your bathroom with a splash of colour? SlipDoctors' anti-slip epoxy paint coating is the ideal solution!

Nowadays, lots of people dislike using rubber shower mats because they can spoil the aesthetic, deteriorate quickly, and accumulate dirt that's hard to clean. As a result, people often choose to forgo using mats despite the potential safety benefits they offer.

Results of a recent study by top shower tray manufacturer, Just Trays, show that 82.2% of the 1,000 UK residents surveyed have encountered a slip in the shower. Despite the fact that more than half of consumers worry about slipping in the bathroom, many of them take no action to prevent it.

We found it interesting to learn from the survey that 41% of individuals were unaware that they could apply an anti-slip coating to shower trays, effectively eliminating the inconveniences associated with anti-slip mats that can help prevent falls without sacrificing the bathroom's aesthetic.

Clearly, there is a need for further education regarding anti-slip trays. The current selection of anti-slip shower trays is a step forward, but there is still room for improvement to make this technology a standard feature in every sale, according to the top shower tray manufacturer, Just Trays.

Showering can be particularly dangerous for older or more vulnerable individuals with mobility issues due to the risk of slipping. According to Age UK, 6 elderly people fall every minute in the UK, with around 3.4 million suffering serious injuries or even death from these falls.

All of these falls come with a large price tag. According to Legal Expert, even a minor injury from slipping on a wet floor can lead to a substantial compensation claim amounting to approximately £7,430. This places a significant burden on the hospitality industry. Unaddressed fall hazards in homes on a national level are estimated to cost the NHS in England a staggering amount of £435 million.

Find the best solution for your surface and feel free to reach out to SlipDoctors for further information.

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