Anti-Slip for Vinyl, Laminate & Lino

    Top-quality anti-slip solutions for synthetic surfaces like vinyl, laminate, and lino. Our options of anti-slip floor coating or spray ensures that you can find the perfect solution for any slippery situation, whether you're looking to treat a small set of stairs or an entire floor area. Our non-slip vinyl products include an easy-to-apply roll-on anti-slip coating and convenient non-slip spray for smaller and simpler applications, making it easy to enhance the safety of your home or business.

    SlipDoctors' non-slip vinyl, laminate and Lino solutions are designed to provide maximum traction without compromising the appearance of your floors. Our products are durable, long-lasting, and suitable for a variety of environments. From high-traffic commercial spaces to cozy residential areas, our anti-slip coatings and sprays will help you create a safer, slip-resistant surface on vinyl, laminate, and lino flooring. Browse our collection today and discover how SlipDoctors can help you prevent slips and falls with ease and efficiency. Want to paint over your vinyl floor? Check out our non-slip epoxy paint Dura Grip E2