Tub Grip Anti slip Coating for Baths and Shower Trays


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  • Easy to apply roll on coating for showers and bathtubs
  • Tub Grip works on acrylic and fibreglass trays and baths
  • Ready to use after 24hr cure and lasts up to 2 years
  • Final finish is a textured non-slip but barefoot-friendly
  • Coating protected by a 2-year manufacturers warranty



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Key Information




Transparent - No change to look


One medium to large bath or shower

Surface Types:

Acrylic or Fibreglass 

Drying Time

24 hrs


Every 2 years

1. General Information

Tub Grip is a non-slip coating for Fibreglass and Acrylic Baths and Showers. Tub Grip anti slip solution comes included with a roller that makes the application to the slippery shower or bath surface easy-to-apply. The anti slip finish is a non-sticky barefoot friendly coating that is ready-to-use in 24hrs.

Slippery showers or bathtub floors can be extremely dangerous for children, adults and those of us that need to use a pedestal when having a bath or shower. Tub Grip anti slip shower and bath coating assists in increasing the Coefficient of Friction on surface and eliminates the possibility of having slip-and-fall accidents. 

You can also avoid mouldy and potentially dangerous bathmats by applying Tub Grip’s anti slip solution evenly over the bath or shower floor. One bottle of Tub Grip will cover the a medium to large sized bath or shower in any home, assisted living facility or hotel. Don’t wait until the last minute to act, make sure you protect you, your loved ones, staff and customers today with Tub Grip anti slip coating. 

Tub Grip anti slip coating starts off as a white liquid when applying and then finishes clear leaving little-to-no change to the appearance of your acrylic or fibreglass bath or shower. Tub Grip is completely non-Toxic and easy to clean, in fact the better the anti-slip coatings are cleaned after application the longer the non-slip effect will last. Generally, a well-maintained Tub Grip non-slip bath & shower covering will last up to 2 years or more. Have a larger floor surface or tiled bathroom floor you need to fix? Make sure to see our bestselling anti slip tiled floor coating Stone Grip

Please note Tub Grip non slip formula cannot be used on Enamel and Porcelain bathtubs or showers. If your slippery surface is made of either of these materials, please see SlipDoctors Bathtub & Shower Treatment for Enamel and Porcelain.  

Product Features:

One Application Lasts 2 Years

Easy to Apply

Increases Traction in 24hrs

No Appearance Change

Non-Sticky Finish

Barefoot Friendly Feel

How to Apply:

2. Download Instructions

Download Treatment Instructions

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