Non-Skid Paint for The Garage

Welcome to SlipDoctors where we offer high-quality garage floor paint solutions for those looking for a non-slip surface in their garage. If you're thinking of painting your garage floor, consider using our Dura Grip E2 anti-slip epoxy floor paintUnlike traditional garage floor paint which can be dangerously slippery, our anti-slip epoxy coating provides a textured finish that gives a great fresh look and improves traction. This means you can confidently walk and park your car without worrying about slips or falls.

Our Dura Grip E2 garage floor paint is highly durable and chemical-resistant, ensuring that it will last for years without cracking or peeling. You won't have to worry about constant re-painting or expensive repairs. And the best part? We have a variety of garage paint colours and including the very popular light and slate grey non-slip paint to choose from to make your garage look stunning.

So, whether you're looking for a practical solution to your garage paint needs or want to give your garage a makeover, we have the perfect garage paint for floor for you. Don't wait any longer to improve your garage, choose our non-slip garage floor paint today and enjoy a safer, more attractive space!

Dura Grip E2 Anti-Slip Epoxy Paint for Decking, Floors & Stairs

Get a non-skid garage floor with Dura Grip epoxy paint - available in light and slate grey with other colour options. Giving your garage floor a fresh look with added safety.

Tuff Grip Extreme Traction Clear Anti-Skid Paint

Tuff Grip non-skid paint can be applied to many residential, industrial, and commercial surfaces, including decks, stairs, walkways and aisles, entrances and exits, ramps, natural wood surfaces, and even smooth or stained concrete.