Fix Slippery Acrylic and Fibreglass

    SlipDoctors' top-tier non-slip products designed for acrylic and fiberglass surfaces. If you’re concerned about slippery bathtubs or shower trays, you’ve come to the right place. Our range of products, from anti-slip epoxy sprays to easy-to-apply roll-on coatings, ensures you and your loved ones can enjoy a slip-free bathing experience.

    Our SlipDoctors products are engineered to provide maximum slip resistance, significantly reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents in wet areas. Durable and effective, all our bathtub and shower tray solutions can last up to 2 years, offering long-lasting protection. With straightforward application processes, whether you choose an anti-slip epoxy spray or a roll-on coating, achieving safety has never been easier. Transform your bathroom into a safe haven with SlipDoctors today.