Anti-Slip Paint for Slippery Decking

If you have ever almost slipped on the decking in or around your home or workplace, you'll understand how important it is to make it non slip. Do not wait to treat your wooden decks - slippery decking can have disastrous outcomes!

When it comes to the decking installed in and around our homes or workplaces, we often spend a lot of time and money, ensuring we create something aesthetically beautiful. But we don't usually consider the risk that wooden decks hold – especially when wet! Wooden decks can quickly become incredibly slippery and can lead to serious slip-and-fall accidents. If you have decking installed, safeguarding the surface should be one of your main priorities. Once you know that your deck is safe for everyone to use in both wet and dry conditions, you can enjoy your garden, pool or commercial deck with peace of mind. Remember: Safety should always come first! 

So, how does one achieve safe non-slip decking? There are several anti-slip decking paint products available, however, not all of them are effective. At SlipDoctors we offer Dura Grip, a powerful and long-lasting non-slip deck coating solution designed to maximise the traction of decking. Invest in Dura Grip, durable protection against slips and falls, today. 

Buy Dura Grip Non-Slip Decking Paint

Dura Grip Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Paint

Dura Grip anti-slip floor, decking and staircase paint is an epoxy application specifically designed to create an extremely durable non-slip coating on multiple surface types. The anti-slip paint coating is easy to maintain and can be used on interior or exterior floors, stairs or boat decks. 

About Dura Grip Anti-Slip Floor & Decking Paint 

Dura Grip is an anti-slip epoxy paint specially designed to create an extremely tough non-slip coating on multiple surfaces, including concrete, tiles, wood and metal. While some non-slip wood paint and coatings tend to be prone to cracking and peeling off over time, Dura Grip is made to last on all surfaces, including wooden decks, for many years.

Dura Grip is easy to apply like any standard roll-on paint and once dried, has a semi-gloss finish. This anti-slip decking paint is also easy to maintain and can be used on both indoor and outdoor floors, stairs or decks. It is also completely chemical resistant which makes it perfect to use around swimming pools or in factories and warehouses containing chemical substances. 

Benefits of Dura Grip:

• Interior and Exterior Use 

• Increases Traction 

• Semi-gloss Finish 

• Barefoot Friendly 

• Paw Friendly 

• Chemical Resistant

Invest in the best anti-slip decking paint

If you have untreated decking around your home or workplace, it’s time to invest in an effective non-slip decking paint. When your deck is treated, you can enjoy your garden or commercial deck all year round, with complete peace of mind. Avoid accidents by increasing the traction of your deck with Dura Grip today. 

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