Improve Stairs And Steps Safety With Non-Slip Solutions

SlipDoctors offers a comprehensive selection of non-slip solutions specifically designed for various types of stairs and levels of foot traffic. These products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile for a variety of applications. Whether it's for front steps, ramps, ladders, or other types of stairs, SlipDoctors' offerings are designed to provide effective traction.

Our range of products also includes non-skid paint that is suitable for various residential, industrial, and commercial surfaces. It is the perfect option for high-traffic and industrial environments, providing exceptional traction and durability with effortless application.

Explore our extensive range of non-slip products specifically created to create slip-resistant steps, including ceramic, porcelain, wood, and metal stairs. Our products are designed to provide effective grip and safety, regardless of the material of your staircase. These treatments provide a quick and efficient way to reduce slippery steps and maintain the aesthetic of your stairs. Easy to apply and maintain, you can prevent slips and falls while preserving the appearance of the stairs.

For an improved look and increased safety on your stairs and steps, consider non-slip paint coatings. Our high-quality coatings can give your stairs a fresh and appealing look while also providing a reliable non-slip surface to prevent accidents.

Thoroughly considering factors such as the material of the stairs, the level of foot traffic, and the environmental conditions is of utmost importance. Conducting a comprehensive evaluation will ensure the chosen anti-slip solution effectively meets the specific needs of your stairs. By doing so, you can effectively meet your specific needs while simultaneously safeguarding the safety of those using the stairs.

Stone Grip Anti-Slip Tile, Concrete & Stone Treatment

SlipDoctors Tub Grip Non-Slip Solution is the ideal anti slip coating for Fibreglass & Acrylic Baths & Showers

Floor Grip Anti-Slip Coating for Vinyl, Wood, Laminate and Lino – Transparent

Stone Gripis our best-selling non-slip bathroom and wet room tile floor treatment. Easyto apply Stone Grip can have your ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone floor anti-slipin just minutes. Long lasting one treatment of Stone Grip lasts a minimum of 2years before needing to be re-applied. 

Anti-Slip Spray for Vinyl, Laminate and Wood Floors and Stairs

Polish Grip non-slip sealant for bathrooms and wet rooms is the idealsolution for those that have high shine tile floors. Ideal for naturalstone surfaces like marble, granite or polished porcelain, Polish Gripwill keep the lustrous shine whilst drastically increasing the slipresistance and protecting your tiles from water damage.  

Clear Anti-Slip Spray for Tile Floors, Bathtubs & Showers

GripXanti-slip coating and sealant for bathrooms and wet rooms is abarefoot-friendly roll-on application for tiles and natural stone thatwill leave your bathroom floor safe to walk on in wet or dry conditions.The final finish is having a semi-gloss sheen and the non-slip coatingwill last a minimum of 2 years.   

Dura Grip E2 Anti-Slip Epoxy Paint for Decking, Floors & Stairs

SlipDoctors anti-slip spray coating is the ideal solution to increase the slip resistance on wet and slippery areas such as bathtubs, showers, tile floors, pool areas, steps, and boats.

Tuff Grip Extreme Traction Clear Anti-Skid Paint

Extra Fine Non-Slip Spray for Vinyl, Laminate and Wood is an easy-to-apply anti-slip spray coating that is barefoot and paw-friendly. Ideal for smaller wood or synthetic floor areas and stairs.