Anti-Slip Solutions for Slippery Swimming Pool Areas

Fun in the sun here we come! Every year as Spring and Summer approach, we start to get excited about getting some sun and enjoying some time by the pool. That said, this fun can quickly take a to turn to tragedy if we are not careful about the surface around the pool area. 

Pool areas are incredibly susceptible to slippery surfaces and thus slip and fall accidents due to the ease of liquids spilt on the surface. Some surface types might come pre-installed with texture or slip and fall protection in place, but most of the surface types are just not prepared for liquid on the surface. 

We can have customers, children or even dogs walking or running around the pool area not aware of the danger present to them. Ensure to protect yourself, loved ones and customers by coating the pool area surface in an anti-slip coating that ensures a high slip resistance even when the floor is wet. Regardless if you have tile, concrete or wood around the pool SlipDoctors have a solution to fix this slippery pool area for you. 

At SlipDoctors we have a range of anti-slip solutions for the swimming pool area including clear non-slip coatings, anti-slip paint and even products for those that may have polished tiles around the pool area. See below for more information on the products available. 

Deck Grip Anti-Slip Coating & Sealant for Tiles, Concrete and Natural Stone

SlipDoctors Deck Grip outdoor non-slip coating is a non-yellowing, water-based acrylic sealer for concrete and other surfaces. The chemical and chlorine protection along with the UV protection makes it the perfect solution to treat slippery pool areas and decks.   

Dura Grip E2 Anti-Slip Epoxy Paint for Decking, Floors & Stairs

Dura Grip E2 is a multi-part 2K epoxy non-slip floor paint which is extremely durable indoors or outdoors. Perfect for tiles, metal, vinyl, laminate, lino, fibreglass, concrete, and most other natural stone. Dura Grip E2 is completely chemical resistant and stain resistant. 

GripX Anti-Slip Coating & Sealer for Tiles, Concrete & Stone

SlipDoctors GripX is a durable and textured anti-slip coating specifically formulated to increase the slip resistance on tiles, natural, stamped, and stained concrete, sealed surfaces, and most other natural stone.

Polish Grip Anti-Slip Coating & Sealant for Slippery Polished Tiles

Polish Grip is an anti-slip coating specifically designed to increase the slip resistance on polished, glossy and shiny marble, granite, ceramic and porcelain tiles or most unsealed natural stone. As well as increasing the surface traction this non-slip coating also acts as a penetrating sealer to protect the surface from spills and stains.