Floor Grip Anti-Slip Coating for Vinyl, Wood, Laminate and Lino – Transparent


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  • Non-slip coating for Wood, Vinyl, Laminate & Lino
  • Durable non-slip coating lasts 2 years
  • Ideal to stop shoes, barefoot and dog paws slipping on floors
  • Perfect for commercial or large residential applications
  • Coverage is 45 to 55 square metres per bottle

Finish Type:


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Shipping: Standard: 2 to 3 Working Days

Key Information


Textured Matte or Gloss


Transparent - No change to look of floors


Per Bottle - 45 to 55 square metres

Surface Types:

Natural hardwood floors, engineered hardwoods, bamboo, vinyl, VCT, LVT, linoleum, laminate, cork, epoxy, and previously sealed floors

Drying Time

Recoat 2hrs and full cure time 24 hrs


Every 2 years

1. General Information

Floor Grip is an extremely tough and highly durable urethane anti slip coating for floors. Developed over 10 years Floor Grip non slip is ideal to protect indoor wood and synthetic surfaces. Once dried the non-slip coating can handle 2 years or more of intense foot traffic and at the same time protect your floor from scuffs, scratches, and even chemicals. 

Floor Grip is a 100% waterborne self-levelling anti slip sealant for natural hardwood, engineered wood, laminated floors, vinyl, lino, and epoxy resin surfaces. Perfectly engineered to be used in homes, studios and commercial areas including food processing areas like kitchens, restaurant’s or hotels.  Not only does Floor Grip protect you, your loved ones, and customers from dangerous slip-and-fall accidents but also leaves your floors with a natural looking, barefoot-friendly, beautiful finish. Floor Grip anti slip coating comes in two options of finish which is either a Natural Matte or Superior Gloss, you just need to choose which you prefer. 

SlipDoctors have made Floor Grip anti slip coating easy-to-apply and have provided everything you will need to eliminate those dangerous slippery floors. In each package, you will receive a 3.8 Litre bottle of SlipDoctors Floor Grip anti slip coating, a non-skid additive and crosslinker. Each bottle of Floor Grip anti slip coating will cover around 45 to 55 Square Metres and is dry to the touch within 30 to 60 minutes. Once left to cure for 24 hours the anti slip coating will be able to protect all levels of foot traffic including those of your beloved dogs and other pets. 

Important: Floor Grip is a professional use product and requires technical application experience for installation. Please download and read through all technical data and safety data before application. 

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Product Features:

Floor Retains Natural Colour and Look

Durable Scuff-Resistant Finish

Water-Based Treatment/Eco Friendly

Water and Chemical Resistant

Scratch and Stain Resistant

Barefoot and Paw-friendly

Shelf-life of 5 years

How to Apply:

2. Application

All waxes and polishes must be completely removed from the surface before application.

Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared by appropriate sanding methods. Using a maroon pad or 320-400 grit sandpaper is recommended to lightly scuff the floor. Prior to the coating application, remove all dust from floor and surrounding structures. Always protect neighbouring surfaces including carpet, metal and other surfaces. 

TEST SAMPLE: Floor Grip should be tested on flooring surfaces before full application. To prepare test sample, pour a small amount of Floor Grip into a separate container with a small amount of additive, mix well. Apply to a clean inconspicuous area of your floor and allow to dry completely. 

Floor Grip can be applied in either 2 or 3 coats. Each coat consists of: Floor Grip + Crosslinker + Additive. Floor Grip can be applied in either 2 or 3 coats. Each coat consists of: Floor Grip + Crosslinker + Additive 

Once ready for full application, determine the number of coats you plan to apply. Prepare solution for each coat separately in a sturdy container. Add the appropriate amount of Crosslinker to the container, dividing it between the containers for each coat. NOTE: Once Crosslinker is added to the Floor Grip, solution must be applied to the floor within 4-6 hours. CAUTION: MIX WELL BEFORE APPLYING

Add appropriate amount of additive to solution, depending on number of coats, and mix well. Medium texture is recommended. Read additive bottle label for instructions. Using a paint roller, apply Floor Grip in uniform coats at a moderate speed to prevent 

foaming. For best performance, avoid thick coats.

For general cleaning and maintenance, use a light pressure rinsing. For best results to remove oily deposits or other foreign matter, apply pH-neutral cleaner at recommended dilution rate and scrub lightly with a soft bristle deck brush. Do not use industrial strength chemicals, alcohol, or biocides on the coating. 

Important: All coverage mentioned is an estimated average. SlipDoctors will not be held responsible for incorrect application or varying porosity and absorption levels caused by each different type of surface. 

Download Treatment Instructions

Click here to download the full instructions in PDF format

Download SDS Data Sheet

Click here to download the full SDS Data Sheet