Anti-Slip Coatings, Paint and Treatments for Tile Floors

Regardless if you have a patio, wet room or slippery tile floor in a bathroom or kitchen we have a non-slip floor coating, treatment or paint for your tiles. Don’t wait until the last minute to fix your slippery ceramic or porcelain tile problem, make non-slippery floor tiles today and know that everyone is safe. Slip accidents on tiles are some of the most common injuries we face in our daily lives. You could be stepping out of the shower, playing by the swimming pool or simply trying to cook dinner and have a slip and fall accident that could change your life or the life of a loved one forever.

This does not just apply to our households but also our businesses. Most slip and fall accidents at companies occur due to simple negligence. Unfortunately, this negligence can lead to extremely painful injuries or worse. Staff are then forced to take long periods of time off work and then comes the litigation. This is a common occurrence especially on outdoor tiles when they are very smooth or in frequently wet weather. To avoid this, you need to ensure that you have non-slip for tile floors that protect customers and staff members. 

Problem solved! Injuries avoided! By simply applying a non-slip tile paint or treating the slippery tiles with anti-slip indoors or outdoors you rule out the possibility of this happening. SlipDoctor's non-slip floor tile paint or coatings can also be used on other surfaces such as concrete, slate, brick, and most stone and mineral surfaces. If you have a slippery bathroom floor, bath tub or shower make sure to take a look at our anti slip bathroom products. Do you old worn out tiles that you want to make non-slip and give a fresh look? Then the ideal product would be our floor paint for tiles Dura Grip E2.

Ensure non slippery tiles for floor by selecting the correct product for your floor below. If you need assistance in finding the non-slip tile paint, treatment or coating for your slippery floor please contact us

Stone Grip Anti-Slip Tile, Concrete & Stone Treatment

Stone Grip is our bestselling non-slip floor tile treatment that works in minutes and makes no change to the look of your tiles. Easily application makes indoor or outdoor tiles non-slip for up to 2 years before needing to be re-applied. 

Polish Grip Anti-Slip Coating & Sealant for Slippery Polished Tiles

Do you have high shine or polished tiles indoors or outdoors that are slippery? In that case Polish Grip is your ideal solution. Best used for tiles like marble, granite or polished porcelain Polish Grip can maintain the shine whilst making the indoor or outdoor tiles non-slip and safe to walk on wet or dry.

GripX Anti-Slip Coating & Sealer for Tiles, Concrete & Stone

Seal and make non-slip flooring tilesthat are safe in wet and dry conditions. GripX is an easy to apply non-slipcoating that is rolled on and left for 24 hrs to cure. The textured non-sliptile coating and sealant is barefoot and paw-friendly that can be used on indoor andoutdoor tiles. 

Dura Grip E2 Anti-Slip Epoxy Paint for Decking, Floors & Stairs

Dura Grip E2 is the anti-slip floorpaint for tiles that bonds to almost anything and is incredibly durable. Thetextured paint finish is ideal to create a fresh non-slip outdoor or indoortile. Dura Grip E2 non-slip tile paint is often used for slippery bathroom and wetroom tiles. The non-skid epoxy tile paint has the durability that can handle anythingfrom high humidity indoors to extreme weather conditions outdoors. 

Deck Grip Anti-Slip Coating & Sealant for Tiles, Concrete and Natural Stone

Deck Grip is the ideal solution fornon-slippery tiles outdoors. Not only does Deck Grip seal the surface andprotect it from the elements the non-slip coating also has built in UV, Chlorine,and Chemical resistance. Perfect for non-slip tiles around walkways, driveways,and swimming pools.  

Anti-slip Bath & Shower Treatment for Ceramic, Porcelain & Enamel

The ultimate anti-slip treatment to maketiles in bathroom floors non-slip. A treatment done in 5 to 10 minutes willensure your tiles for the bathroom floor are non-slip. Great for ceramic or porcelaintile shower floors or trays. Bathtub Grip is also an ideal non-slip treatment forporcelain and enamel bathtubs.