Non-Slip Products for Tiles

    Regardless if you have a patio, wet room, or slippery tile floor in a bathroom or kitchen, we have a non-slip floor coating, treatment, or paint for your tiles. Don’t wait until the last minute to fix your slippery ceramic or porcelain tile problem; make your floor tiles non-slippery today and ensure everyone's safety. Slip accidents on tiles are some of the most common injuries we face in our daily lives. Whether stepping out of the shower, playing by the swimming pool, or simply cooking dinner, a slip and fall accident can change your life or the life of a loved one forever.

    This risk extends beyond our households to our businesses as well. Most slip and fall accidents at companies occur due to simple negligence, leading to painful injuries or worse. Staff may be forced to take long periods off work, resulting in lost productivity and potential litigation. This is especially common on smooth outdoor tiles or in frequently wet weather. To avoid this, ensure you have non-slip tile floors to protect customers and staff. By applying non-slip tile paint or treating slippery tiles with anti-slip solutions, you can prevent these accidents. SlipDoctor's non-slip floor tile paint or coatings can also be used on concrete, slate, brick, and most stone and mineral surfaces. For slippery bathroom floors, bathtubs, or showers, check out our anti-slip bathroom products. To rejuvenate old, worn-out tiles, consider our Dura Grip E2 non-slip floor paint. Ensure non-slippery tiles by selecting the correct product for your floor below. If you need assistance, please contact us.