Stone Grip Anti-Slip Tile & Floor Treatment

Stone Grip is our best-selling anti slip floor treatment that will dramatically increase the traction of your tiles and floors. Have you been wondering “How to stop your floors from being slippery?” if yes, then you are in the right place. Developed to surpass any standards Stone Grip anti slip treatment is an easy to apply anti-slip product for tiles, concrete and natural stone that only takes between 8 and 15 minutes and will increase the slip resistance of your tiles or floors even when they are wet.

Stone Grip is perfect for residential or commercial floors and can be used on the following surfaces: Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Porcelain Tiles, Terrazzo, Quarry, Brick, Slate, Travertine, Most Stone or Mineral Surfaces

Stone Grip Anti-Slip Tile, Concrete & Stone Treatment
Stone Grip Non-Slip Floor Treatment for Ceramic tiles, Porcelain, Concrete and other stone surfaces is a fast-acting anti slip solution that increases your slippery floor’s traction in minutes

Once the slippery floor has been treated there are no waiting times and the flooring will be ready to use immediately after the Stone Grip anti-slip application is complete. Stone Grip starts off as a yellow liquid but dries as a clear finish that makes no changes to the look of your tiles or floors. Stone Grip anti-slip treatment will last up to 2 years before needing to be treated again. Stone Grip anti slip treatment is completely barefoot and pet friendly once dried.

Stone Grip non slip treatment can be used in the following areas:

• Bathrooms

• Kitchens

• Tiled Showers

• Patios & Balconies

• Living Areas

• Wet Rooms

• Hotels/Resorts

• Restaurants

• Factories

• Hospitals/Nursing Centre

• Health Clubs & Spas

• Tiled or Concrete Stairs