Industrial Non-Slip Applications

Industrial Non-Slip Applications

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Stone Grip

Stone Grip is our bestselling non-slip treatment for concrete, ceramic, brick, slate and most stone or mineral surfaces. The clear finish anti-slip solution is fast acting and fast drying. After 15 minutes the floor is ready for use with no or little change to appearance

Tuff Grip

Tuff Grip Extreme is a high-performance anti slip urethane coating with a deeply textured paint finish. This product is ideal for high-traffic areas or heavy equipment areas such as forklift ramps that may require a very high level of traction protection

Deck Grip

Deck Grip is a durable non slip water-based acrylic sealer ideally used on outdoor surfaces like balconies, patios or concrete platforms. Deck Grip non slip sealer is UV and Chemical Protected meaning it can also be used on surfaces around swimming pool areas