SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Decking, Floor and Staircase Paint 

Certain areas in your home or business could need a fresh look and at the same time could be very slippery. These areas include decks, patios, driveways, garages, and staircases to name a few. What you need is not only a paint coating to make these areas look good again but also an effective anti-slip paint, so these surfaces don’t lead to dangerous slips and falls.

When it comes to finding a suitable non-slip floor paint to coat these floors, stairs, or ramps in and around your property, you want to make sure you find a product that is easy and safe to walk on, as well as durable. At SlipDoctors, we offer two kinds of non-slip paint, Alpha Grip and Dura Grip E2, to treat the slippery surfaces in and around your home or workplace.

Where to use SlipDoctors' anti-slip paint products

Here are the main differences between the two non-slip floor paint products and where to use them:

Alpha Grip is an eco-friendly waterborne anti-slip paint. Easy-to apply and has great coverage plus an amazing level of grip once applied. Alpha Grip requires porous surfaces to ensure a strong bond so it can be used on both indoor and outdoor raw wood, concrete, brick, asphalt, and unsealed natural stone surfaces.

Dura Grip E2 is a multi-part epoxy anti-slip paint. Being a 2K epoxy, it offers extreme durability, slip resistance, adhesion, and filling properties. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor on tiles, wood, vinyl, laminate, lino, metal, and fibreglass surfaces. Dura Grip E2 also has excellent chemical resistance and stain resistance.

How to choose an anti-slip surface paint

When choosing an anti-slip paint for floors and stairs and other surfaces, be sure to consider the type of surface you want to fix and check that the grip paint will bond to that specific surface. Also, consider the amount of traffic the area gets, if wet conditions are often present, and the type of colour you require.

If you are unsure or have questions, please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will help you to identify the best non-slip paint for your surface.

Why choose SlipDoctors

To give you peace of mind, SlipDoctors UK has had independent companies slip test all our grit paints to ensure they overachieve when it comes to slip resistance. All our anti-slip floor paints are protected by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Alpha Grip Acrylic Anti-Slip Paint


  • Indoor & Outdoor Use on:
  • Raw Wood, Concrete, Brick, Asphalt and Unsealed Natural Stone
  • Eco-friendly waterborne solution
  • Drastically increases slip resistance
  • Barefoot and Paw-Friendly Grip
  • Chemical Resistance including Petrol & Diesel
  • Passed Independent Hot Tyre Test
  • Available in 1 and 5 Litre Tins
  • Matte Finish

Dura Grip E2 Epoxy Anti-Slip Paint


  • Indoor & Outdoor Use on:
  • Tiles, Concrete, Wood, Vinyl, Laminate, Metal & Fibreglass
  • Extremely Durable Epoxy Resin
  • Drastically increases slip resistance
  • Barefoot and Paw-Friendly Grip
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Available in 5 Litre Tins
  • Matte Finish

Non-Slip Paint Surface Chart

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