Polish Grip Anti-Slip Coating & Sealant for Slippery Polished Tiles


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  • Maintains look and shine of polished surfaces
  • Increases slip resistance and acts as a sealant
  • Can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Safe to be used in or near food processing areas
  • Protects surfaces from water, scuffs, and slips

Bottle Size:



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Key Information


High Gloss


Transparent - No change to look of floors


3.8 Litres - 200 to 220 square metres

470ml - 20 to 25 square metres

Surface Types:

Polished granite, marble, natural stone, porcelain tile, concrete, ceramic tile, slate, limestone, grout, terrazzo, travertine, glazed tile, quarry tile

Drying Time

Recoat 1hr - Light foot traffic - 4 to 6 hrs

Full cure time 24 to 72hrs


Every 12 months

1. General Information

Polish Grip is an anti-slip coating specifically designed to increase the slip resistance on polished, glossy and shiny marble, granite, ceramic and porcelain tiles or most unsealed natural stone. As well as increasing the surface traction this non-slip coating also acts as a penetrating sealer to protect the surface from spills and stains. 

Once applied the lustrous natural shine of your highly polished surface remains unchanged retaining its natural colour and shine. Polish Grip provides a more durable surface with effective anti-slip protection.  

Polish Grip anti-slip coating and sealant is completely weather resistant and forms an invisible barrier that makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use on granite, marble, natural stone, porcelain tile, concrete, ceramic tile, slate, limestone, grout, terrazzo, travertine, glazed tile or quarry tile. 

The lifetime of the anti-slip sealer is around 12 months depending on the amount of foot traffic over the hazardous area. That said, Polish Grip anti-slip coating has a wide coverage area which will allow you to buy the product once and apply multiple coats over time.  All correctly applied Polish Grip applications are protected by our 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Important: Please note this product can only be shipped to Mainland United Kingdom and cannot be shipped to The Channel Islands or Isle of Wight.

Product Features:

Use on Interior & Exterior Surfaces

Water, Stain & Slip Protection

Weather Resistant

One product = Multiple uses

Retains Natural Colour and Shine

Easy to Apply

Safe in Food Areas

How to Apply:

2. Application

Read entire product label. Technical Data Sheet (TDS) & Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using. Polish Grip anti-slip sealer should not be diluted or thinned in any way. It should be used as is directly from approved container. Gloves must be worn at all times when handling Polish Grip and use of goggles is recommended. Use in a well ventilated area.

Sample Testing: Due to variations between substrates, sample testing is recommended to ensure maximum performance and suitability for the intended use. Several inconspicuous test patches should be completed. Minimal shading may occur temporarily until fully cured and first cleaning. 

Apply evenly to surface until damp using a clean white towel, microfiber towel, paint roller or paint brush. Leave on the surface for 3 to 5 minutes for maximum penetration. Remove all excess product with a clean white towel, microfiber towel or carpet bonnet before product dries. Any excess product “residue” that dries on the surface can be removed by re-applying a small amount of Polish Grip to the area and immediately wiping off excess while wet. 

Recoat the anti-slip penetrating sealer in 1 hour. Allow 24-72 hours to fully cure.

Download Treatment Instructions

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Download SDS Data Sheet

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