Alpha Grip Anti-Slip Paint for Wood, Tiles, Concrete and Stone
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  • Eco-friendly Durable Waterborne Acrylic Grit Paint
  • Ideal for Decking, Bathrooms, Patios, Balconies, Garages, and more
  • Barefoot and paw-friendly matte textured non-slip finish
  • Can be applied on slippery surfaces indoors and outdoors
  • Chemical Resistance including petrol and diesel
  • Every coating is protected by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Swatch colours may differ slightly from the real thing


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Key Information


Textured Matte Finish


1 Litre - 7 to 10 square metres

5 Litres - 40 to 50 square metres

Surface Types:

Wood, Tiles, Concrete, Quarry, Slate, Brick and 

most Natural Stone

Drying Time

8 to 12hrs between coats and 24hrs full cure




Waterborne Acrylic


Every 1 years

1. General Information

Alpha Grip waterborne anti-slip decking, floor and step paint has been developed over the last two years with the goal of creating an eco-friendly, cost efficient and trustworthy slip resistant floor paint. We have run countless tests indoors and outdoors on varying surface types to ensure that Alpha Grip not only keeps you safe but withstands some of the tougher conditions mother nature can throw at it.

Alpha Grip anti-slip paint coating has a matte grit textured finish that comes in a range of colours including a clear option. This durable anti-slip paint has non-stop list of use cases and can be applied to wood, tiles, concrete, brick, and most natural stone indoors or outdoors.

The barefoot-friendly grit texture and its high tolerance to wet conditions makes this product great for sauna, hot tub or swimming pool areas. The grip texture can also be great to help dogs and other pets that may be slipping in areas and need assistance when walking or getting up. 

Slippery garages or driveway? No problem for Alpha Grip non-slip paint. The paint has excellent resistance to petrol and diesel and has also undergone and passed an independent Hot Tyre Tread Test.

This easy-to-roll on coating is touch dry in 1 to 2 hours and fully cured in 24hrs. We highly recommend a second coat applied in a crosshatch painting style to ensure an even anti-slip grit texture. If you have any concerns or questions during application do not hesitate to contact us.

What slip rating will the Alpha Grip anti-slip floor paint achieve?

We often have this question from our customers, and they generally have a goal of achieving a slip rating of R13/R14. In the UK, when slip testing, we use a Pendulum test which gives a resistance result in PTV. If you want to achieve a slip rating of R13/R14, you would need to get a PTV of 36 to 40+ when doing a Pendulum Test. 

After having a third-party company run a Pendulum slip test on Alpha Grip non-slip paint, we had an average slip resistance of PTV 84 in dry conditions and a PTV 73 in wet conditions. This is then roughly double the requirement to achieve an R14 Slip Rating. As you can see by the results of the independent slip test, Alpha Grip is more than up to the task of keeping you safe from slippery floors and stairs, be it wet or dry. 

Product Features:

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Can be used on Wood, Tiles, Concrete & Stone

Eco-friendly waterborne solution

Drastically increases slip resistance

Barefoot and Paw-Friendly Grip

Chemical Resistance including Petrol & Diesel

Passed Independent Hot Tyre Test

Available in 1 and 5 Litre Tins

Matte Finish (may have very slight sheen)

Lasts 1 year before re-application

2. Application

Before applying the product to the entire area, a testing phase must be completed. Choose an inconspicuous area or spare piece of the surface to run your test. A test phase can simply be done using one coat and left for 12 hours to cure. During the test phase you want to ensure that the non-slip paint has an excellent bond to the surface and that you are completely satisfied with the finish before full application. If you have any issues or concerns during application, please contact us.
Apply with a quality paint roller in 1-2 coats (2 coats recommended). Using the paint roller, apply Alpha Grip in uniform coats applying with light even pressure. For best performance, avoid thick coats. The second coat should be applied at a right angle to the first coat after 12 hours.

Alpha Grip will be dry to the touch in 1 to 2 hrs. We highly recommend a second coat as it will increase the durability and even out the slip resistance of the paint. The second coat should be applied after 12 hrs and should be rolled in a crosshatch pattern. The paint coating will need a full 24hrs to cure before extensive use.

Download Treatment Instructions

Click here to download the full instructions in PDF format

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