Apply non-slip treatment or paint to get anti-slip outdoor flooring

Apply non-slip treatment or paint to get anti-slip outdoor flooring

Given the UK's frequent rainfall, which often leads to slippery conditions, outdoor flooring with a non-slip surface is a priority.Residential and commercial spaces need to maintain safe and comfortable walking surfaces, particularly during severe weather conditions.

Slip Doctors offers anti-slip products for various surfaces, like outdoor concrete paint, wooden deck treatments, and coatings for tiles and porcelain. These solutions increase safety by preventing slips and falls and keep the floor looking good.

When looking for an outdoor coating to revitalize your patio, it's crucial to choose a product that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also improves slip resistance. Slip resistance is essential for safe flooring, especially for the elderly and those with mobility or visual impairments. The slipperiness of a tiled floor depends on how rough its surface is and whether it's wet, dry, or often covered in liquids or other substances.

Additionally, factors such as humidity, slopes, and ramps must be considered. The risk of slipping or tripping significantly increases whenever there is a change in the floor material or texture, especially if the surfaces of the two materials are markedly different. This can be minimized by using anti-slip products. Always use anti-slip solutions in areas where safety is crucial, like entrances, ramps, stairs, and landings, and in places that often get wet, like around swimming pools.

Garden rooms and outdoor areas are now used more flexibly as extensions of living space, often as home offices, gyms, or quiet getaways. With an appropriate design and selection of materials, these spaces can be utilized throughout the entire year, thereby enhancing lifestyle and potentially boosting property value.

Many options are available for domestic outdoor areas to transform patios and terraces. Porcelain tiles are renowned for their versatility and are commonly used for outdoor areas. However, under wet conditions, it is strongly advised to apply a non-slip product to your porcelain outdoor tiles to guarantee safety. 

Polish Grip is an anti-slip coating made to improve the grip on smooth surfaces such as polished marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain tiles, and various unsealed natural stones. In addition to enhancing surface traction, this non-slip coating serves as a penetrating sealer, safeguarding the surface against spills and stains. Once applied, the natural shine of your highly polished surface remains intact, preserving its natural color and luster.

Non-slip treatments for outdoor tiles increase safety by preventing slips and accidents in wet conditions. These tiles are good for busy areas and, with anti-slip treatment, they are safe and long-lasting. Their resistance to slipping, even when wet, makes them an ideal choice for pool surrounds, patios, and walkways.

Also, there is a non-slip paint available to make patio tiles safer and more attractive for outdoor areas. This paint improves surface grip in wet conditions and protects tiles from weather damage, making them last longer.

Regularly maintaining treated areas guarantees the long-term effectiveness of the anti-slip features, ensuring a safe and enduring surface capable of withstanding daily pedestrian use.

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