Anti-Slip Product Samples

Unfortunately, we do not send or sell samples of our anti-slip products. That said, we are continually striving to ensure the best shopping and product experience for our customers. To ensure that you are happy with the result of your anti-slip coating, spray or treatment, you can purchase a SlipDoctors product and test the effect using no more than 10% of the product. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the test result, you may then get in contact with us and arrange a return and refund for the product. Our advisors will first attempt to assist you with the application or find you the right product to fix your slippery surface. 

The safety of yourself, customers or loved ones comes first, and at SlipDoctors we care more about that than anything else. 

Do not hesitate to order a product for testing purposes or chat with our advisors if you need a bit more information on the right type of product for your slippery surface. 

Contact us if you require further information

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