SlipDoctors Anti-Slip Product Range


Stone Grip is perfectly formulated to increase the slip resistance on tiles, concrete and most unsealed natural stone surfaces. Easy to apply and works in minutes this anti-slip floor treatment will keep you, loved ones or customers protected for up to 2 years.

Dura Grip is a anti-slip epoxy paint that has an extremely durable and barefoot friendly grit finish. Perfect for indoors or outdoors this textured paint coating can be used on metal, wood, concrete and fibreglass. Available in multiple colours.

Polish Grip has been specifically formulated for polished sealed tiles especially marble and granite. Unlike with our other anti-slip coatings and treatments Polish Grip will ensure that your floors are safe to walk on and maintain their lustrous shine.

Tub Grip is an ideal anti-slip coating to increase the slip resistance on fibreglass and acrylic bathtubs and shower trays. Easy to apply coating that comes in a small bottle but goes a long way and will have your bath or shower ready to use and safer in 8 to 24hrs.

Ideal solution for those slippery enamel, ceramic or porcelain shower floors or bathtubs. Fix those slippery tiled shower floors in minutes using this easy to apply anti-slip treatment. Once applied your bathtub and shower will be safer for up to 2 years.

Deck Grip non-slip coating not only increases the slip resistance of tiles, concrete and other stone but also seals the surface for further protection. Developed with UV and Chemical Resistance makes this non-slip coating extremely durable even outdoors.

Floor Grip anti-slip coating has been specifically formulated to protect laminate, vinyl and wooden floors from slip & fall accidents. This is an extremely durable coating that once cured will also protect your floors from stains, water damage and scuffs.

The perfect anti-slip solution to fix those slippery staircases and steps inside or outside the office or home. Pre-cut and in a set of 5 these anti slip stair treads are easy to lay and already have super powerful adhesive to ensure long lasting safety.

Maintain Grip non-slip floor cleaner is a heavy-duty floor product that works to renew microscopic treads providing anti-slip protection after every clean. Designed to breakdown oils, grease on the surface and effectively remove hardened build up.


I was very pleased with this product

I was very pleased with this product. Did everything it promised .I would thoroughly recommend it.

I was very pleased with this product

I was very pleased with this product. Did everything it promised .I would thoroughly recommend it.

Put down in a spa and experience shower…

put down in a spa and experience shower area. easy to mix and lay with the roller provided. after 2 hours the second coat went down. the following morning it was completely dry and over the next 24 hours the slip resistance improved as it cured. will be ordering more soon for our health club areas and pools.


Great service and great product!