How long will it take for me to receive my product?

Our shipping process runs smoothly within 1 to 2 working days. As much as we value the requirement of a prompt delivery, we do not extend our services on weekends or promise next day delivery.

Can I collect my order directly from you?

We are pleased to offer an exceptional courier service to deliver your order right to your doorstep! While we don't have a collection option available at our warehouse, we guarantee swift and secure delivery straight to you.

Do you have any distributors in the UK?

SlipDoctors' accessibility has revolutionized the world of anti-slip solutions. However, as an online-only company, we regret to inform you that we currently have no distributors in the UK. Don't let this discourage you! You can conveniently place your order through our user-friendly website or on Amazon, making your anti-slip needs as easy as a click away. Trust us to deliver the safety solution you require right at your doorstep.


What R-Level will your product achieve after application?

Despite the rigorous safety standards that SlipDoctors products have been engineered to meet, the only definitive measure of the achieved R-level would necessitate undergoing a pendulum slip test.

Do you offer samples of products?

Our product line is intricate, rendering it unfeasible to provide sample products. Yet, we believe in enabling our customers to fully understand and appreciate the true value of our products. We provide an open testing policy that allows customers to conduct tests utilizing a maximum of 5% of each component. If you are not 100% satisfied, the product can be returned for a full refund.

I want to use anti-slip paint but which one is the best for me?

SlipDoctors offer two anti-slip paints - Dura Grip E2 and Tuff Grip Clear. Though both paints serve the purpose for a wide array of surfaces, they present two unique characteristics. The Dura Grip E2 comes in a palette of colours to choose from while the Tuff Grip only comes in clear. If you're looking for paints that are ideal for foot traffic and even for going barefoot, the Dura Grip E2 is a perfect match for you. Tuff Grip non-skid paint offers an unparalleled level of texture, perfect for areas requiring maximum traction or frequent vehicle traffic.

What is the best way to clean a textured anti-slip surface?

When it comes to cleaning non-slip coating or paint, it's recommended to steer clear of harsh chemicals like alcohol and bleach. Instead, opt for a gentle pH-neutral soap paired with water and a soft deck brush. Mops can be an option but with the floor being much more abrasive they will reduce much faster.

Do I need to prime my surface before painting?

The only time priming a surface is necessary is when concerned about coverage. Highly porous surfaces like raw wood or concrete absorb a lot of the first coating which can drastically affect the coverage of the anti-slip paint. If you are concerned that you will not meet the coverage then we highly recommend using a primer before painting. Dura Grip requires an epoxy primer while Tuff Grip Clear requires an acrylic primer.  

Which product is the best for my tiles?

The simplest way to know which non-slip product is best for your tiles is to consider the final finish. Stone Grip is necessary for matte tiles. Semi-gloss or tiles with a slight sheen require GripX or Deck Grip. High shine or polished tiles require Polish Grip

Which product works on Vinyl or Laminate?

Your space's measurements dictate the right product for you - opt for Floor Grip when you're dealing with large surface areas, whether it be wooden flooring, vinyl, or laminate. But when it comes to smaller spaces, the Extra Fine Wood Spray would be your ideal solution.

Can I apply your product on a floor with underfloor heating?

You can apply all SlipDoctors' products on a surface with underfloor heating as long as you turn off the heating during both the application and curing phases. Once fully cured, the heating can be used as normal.

Which product can I use on an enamel metal bathtub?