How to stop your dog from slipping on the floor

Anti-Slip Products for Dog Paws

When we initially decide to redo our floors or move into a house with new flooring like tiles, wood or synthetic floors like laminate or vinyl we think it looks great but at that moment in time we never consider the implications that floor might have on our beloved pets. At SlipDoctors we see this issue time and time again especially with puppies and older dogs on wooden or polished tile floors.

When we see our little puppies sliding about the house at first it may look a little cute and silly but the reality is that the little one may be creating life-long damage to their bone and back development, ligaments and muscles. This gets even worse with older or special needs dogs that may not even be able to get up off the floor due to the fact their paws cannot get traction.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to stopping your pup and beloved pet from slipping on the tiled, synthetic, or wooden floor. Below are just some ideas to help your dog from slipping on the floor:

Haircut, nail cut or dry paws

Sometimes all it takes is a little grooming and manicure to help your pup out. Some breeds of dogs grow hair in between the pads of their paws that greatly reduce the traction on the slippery surface. In these cases, simply groom the pup’s hair and nails and this should help them maintain traction.

Sometimes it can be the dog’s paw pads that are causing the issues especially when they are dry and cracked. These dry paws struggle to retain the traction on the slippery surface causing them to slide all over the place. A great option here would be purchase a paw cream or balm to moisten the paws and reduce the dryness and cracking.

Dog socks or shoes

Another option is to give your pup or old dog a fresh new-look by using dog socks or shoes. Many of these socks and shoes come with comfortable fits for your dog and added paw grips at the bottom to ensure they do not slip on surfaces.

When starting out with a young pup these socks or shoes should be easier for the dog to understand and grow into. Unfortunately, with older dogs they may not accept their newfound fashion statement and decide they either do not want to walk at all or simply want to chew them off.

Rugs & carpets

If you did just lay down a new floor, then this option might not be for you. However, those of you just looking for a quick solution to stopping your dog from slipping on the floor could use rugs and carpets in the parts of the house your pet struggles the most. The important thing when purchasing the rug is to ensure that the bottom has some form of anti-slip grip incorporated to ensure it does not slide around any way.


Anti-slip coating or treatment

Lastly, and naturally the solution we suggest is to coat or treat your floor with an anti-slip product. This solution is long-lasting and not only protects your beloved dog but also you and your family from slip and falls.

There is a wide range of solutions to help retain the look of the surface and increase the slip resistance of your slippery tiles, wood, vinyl, or laminate. Over the years we have noticed a large increase in the popularity of synthetic flooring like luxury vinyl but unfortunately the slip resistance of these surfaces is often looked over until it is too late. Many dogs old and young struggle to retain traction on these surfaces often slipping and falling all over the place. If you have slippery wood, vinyl or synthetic flooring make sure to check out SlipDoctors Floor Grip.

Regardless if you have slippery tiles, wood or synthetic surfaces like vinyl or laminate SlipDoctors have a solution to help you and your beloved pet. Feel free to contact us today for more information.