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Anti-Slip Floor Paint

Statistics courtesy of the HSE showed that 37% of workplace injuries were caused by slip and fall accidents costing the UK close to 1 Billion Pounds per year. Slippery floors are a hazard often looked over or missed by businesses and residents alike. In our daily lives we have a lot to think about and worry about and at times we just do not realise how fast things can change by not catching and fixing that slippery floor in time.

There are many methods to fixing slippery floors and keeping yourself, staff, and customers safe. One of the most effective methods is anti-slip floor paint.

Anti-slip floor paint allows you to change the colour and lookof a surface and at the same time increase the slip resistancesubstantially.  There are also many types of non-slip floor paint including but not limited to acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy.

At SlipDoctors we have spent the last 10 years developing our epoxy anti-slip floor paint to not only ensure that it gives the highest amount of traction but at the same time the highest level of durability. By developing anon-slip floor paint that includes our proven formula as an epoxy weare able to ensure that your slippery floor looks good, is slipresistant and stays that way for a minimum of 2 years before having to re-apply the coating.
The durability created ensures that your anti-slip floor paint coating does not peel, crack, or fade and keeps you and those around your business or residence safe. No matter the material be it wood, metal, concrete, fibreglass, or tiles SlipDoctors non-slip floor paint can be applied. We have even ensured that those that want to maintain the look of their floor can keep it safe with a clear anti-slip floor paint.

SlipDoctors anti-slip floor paint is also the perfect solution for around public or residential swimming pools. Being specifically formulated with chemical resistance means that once applied this non-slip floor paint will have zero durability issues with swimming pool chemicals being messed or splashed on it.
Have beloved pets that are slipping on a patio or inside floor? Not aproblem, SlipDoctors non-slip floor paint is the perfect solution. Usingour barefoot or paw-friendly additive within the paint we have createdthe perfect level of traction without the anti-slip floor paint coatingfeeling like sandpaper.
SlipDoctors anti-slip floor paint has hundreds of relevant areas that it can be used on including but limited to garden paths, driveways, stairs, boats and more. A common use for SlipDoctors anti-slip floor paint is application in a business or residential garage. Due to the nature of the epoxy non-slip floor paint the coating is extremely robust and durable. The non-slip epoxy floor paint also has moisture and stain resistance which will assist those that experience frequent leaks.

Do not wait until the worst happens to ensure your floors are safe.Apply SlipDoctors anti-slip paint today and have peace of mind knowing we have you covered. Still not sure if this is the right product for your slippery floor situation? Contact us today and we would be happy to assist you.

Money-Back Guarantee

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what our customer say about this product

What our customer say about this product